Dr. Hardware 2007

Dr. Hardware 2007 8.5

An useful utility that will scan your current hardware/software configuration
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Dr. Hardware is system information tool for analysis of your current computer configuration. It gives you deep details of your BIOS, disk units, PCI and SCSI buses, processors, chipset, video, Windows, etc. It executes benchmarks over your hardware to elaborate diagrams and reports to keep you up to date with your hardware capabilities.
There are many test and report that are only available in the registered version of the software.
The integrated help provides you step by step all the features that comes with the program, explaining you what kind of report you will get based on your configuration.
You can run burn in test (registered version only) to stress your system and identify any possible malfunction (system crashes) and take proper actions to fix them.
Main Features:
- Detects processor, BIOS, cache, bus system
- Detailed analysis of core hardware and connected devices of personal computers
- Description of installed multimedia devices
- Network analysis
- Many benchmarks for hardware
- Windows analysis

• 16 MB Ram
• 15 MB free hard disk capacity

Kevin Brenes
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  • You can test it for 10 days
  • Full license is not expensive
  • Detailed information about your system
  • Friendly interface


  • Some tests may lock up your computer
  • Some reports are difficult to understand to the standard user
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